11 Ways to Live a Happy Life

Оf course, you have heard many times: “Do you want to be a happy person? Then just be such a person!” Yeah, it is easy to say but how to do that? How to live easy and happy, no matter what? Here are 11 simple and affordable methods that help stay strong and maintain a positive and joyful mood! […]

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Hobbies for Couples to Straighten Relationships

If you have felt monotony and boredom for the entire time of your relationship, this is a sign that you are not using your time efficiently. But don’t be upset because it is not too late to do the most incredible and good things together. The most interesting hobbies for couples in love that fill your life with bright colors, broaden horizons, and acquaint with pleasant people are presented in the list. […]

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Not Goodbye, Just See You on a New URL

You may not have seen it from the front end, but my time writing at In Pursuit of Simple has been ticking away for a while now. I’ve loved what I have built in the last three years. I look at my page views, my comments, my Facebook likes, and I pinch myself thinking of […]

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My First Trimester Survival Kit


This is week 12 for me in my pregnancy, which means I have TWO more weeks until I’m in that fabled second trimester. In the “mom world” (the collection of websites, forums, and blogs that I have been diving into over the past few months), the three trimesters are referred to as dreary, cheery, and […]

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