11 Ways to Live a Happy Life

Of course, you have heard many times: “Do you want to be a happy person who is looking ukrainian girl photos? Then just be such a person!” Yeah, it is easy to say but how to do that? How to live easy and happy, no matter what? Here are 11 simple and affordable methods that help stay strong and maintain a positive and joyful mood!

1. Be thankful for what you have

Many of us are often captured by painful experiences and depression. One of the common reasons for this is to concentrate on what we MIGHT have, rather than gratefully think about what we HAVE now. For example, you don’t have a car, but your neighbor has it, you envy and feel sad about it. And with every such memory, the car drives farther and farther away from you! Stop living like this if you really want something, then try to achieve this, not just envy!

2. Visualize your goals

Try for a moment to imagine that you have already achieved what you dream of. Pay special attention to the feelings that you have.

3. Shorten the time watching TV

How much time do we lose in front of a TV screen? Calculate how many hours it is per week, per month, per year. What gives you this time except for extra pounds? And how much good you could bring to your life if you spent it on other things

4. Read as many interesting and informative books as possible

Develop your intellect and increase vocabulary. It is always pleasant to talk with a well-read person.

5. Forget the past

Scientists say that people who are often haunted by negative thoughts about the past and bitter memories of the days lived can’t enjoy life. In addition, they often get sick, which also doesn’t add to their happiness. Such people tend to become pessimists and their lives are painted in gray tones. And this brings them new problems and worsens life.

6. Keep a diary of success

Write down everything that you have achieved in your life. You will see that you did well.

7. Learn to say NO

You must be able to say NO to empty requests and unnecessary business. If you don’t immediately abandon small matters, they will turn into an avalanche of endless distractions that lead away from the main goal, and therefore, from success. A person who tries to do everything ultimately doesn’t achieve anything.

8. Don’t eat at night

Yes, maybe it is a banal tip, but you will feel much better if you go to sleep a little bit hungry. It is better just to drink a glass of water before bedtime.

9. Refuse from various fast foods and other food harmful to the body

Replace fast food with healthy food. Replace sunflower oil with olive, sweets with dried fruits, and so on. Drink fresh juices (and not those that are sold in boxes). Do you think that it has nothing in common with a happy life? You are mistaken. A healthy mind in a healthy body. You will feel much better

10. Invest money in your future

Deposit at least 10-20% of your income in a bank. Don’t waste money on unnecessary things.

11. Sleep at least 6-7 hours

This time is quite enough to restore strength and improve the immune system. Teach your body to fall asleep and wake up at the same time.

Give me your take!